Grand Theft Auto V was being tested on Wii U dev kits for some time

I\’ve been holding on to this for a week now, debating whether to even mention it. The one thing I don\’t want to do is give people false hope to hold on to. So, I posted it up on our forums today as a test and they thought I should be posting it up on the site. So here it goes.

After speaking with my retailer source last week about the Wii U Basic Set Nintendo Land bundle that Nintendo is discussing for Q4 2013, I then sent back another email asking about GTA V for Wii U. Rumors had already been swirling back and forth about it on the internet, so I had been hoping to get some clarity.

Unfortunately, I don\’t have clarity. All I know now is that \”GTA V was being tested on the kits for some time.\” However, my retailer friend says that having a game up-and-running on the Wii U dev kits is not the same thing as having actual plans to release the game, as already seen with Crysis 3 being completed last summer and subsequently killed. However, the contrast was made that there is more likelihood of GTA V being released than there was for Crysis 3.


So, does this leave us with more of a chance that GTA V will be released for Wii U? My gut tells me yes, this does provide a bit more of a possibility. If Grand Theft Auto V U does indeed exist I don\’t think we\’ll have to wait much longer to find out. An announcement should be happening soon if at all.

What does strike me as funny is how developers will spend the time and money to create a Wii U build of a game like Crysis 3 or GTA V but then potentially not release it. It seems like an odd business move to me. Perhaps the distribution and marketing costs are what scare them off from a final push to retail.

And lastly, this retailer had told me a while back about Watch_Dogs, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and Rainbow Six: Patriots all up-and-running on Wii U. Watch_Dogs, Deus Ex, and Blacklist all ended up with announcements. But, we haven\’t heard anything about Rainbow Six yet. Is that another project that was knocked off or is there an announcement still to come?