Gory Detail Studio needs more Wii U Dev Kits

Christopher Seavor (@conkerhimself) sent out a very interesting tweet today.

…..WiiU devkits ain\’t cheap and it’s lookin likely @gorydetail is gonna need 3 at some point this year ūüėČ (that’s top secret btw) heh!

‚ÄĒ Christopher Seavor (@conkerhimself) May 25, 2013

If you dont know who Christopher is well he currently works at Gory Detail the company responsible for the hit game on the Apple App store Parashoot Stan. Although Chris may be better known for his days at famed games developer RARE where he was graphics designer on many games ranging from Killer Instinct to Conkers Bad Fur Day.  Often more times than not he jumped in behind the microphone to record voice audio for many characters including Gruntilda in Banjo Kazooie and Slippy Toad for Smash.

Christopher was recently fired from RARE in early 2012 and came back to gaming with Gory Detail and their app for iPhones and iPads. ¬†But by the sounds of it we will soon be expecting his return to Nintendo based consoles sooner rather than later. ¬†Is this due to Nintendo’s approach with Indie dev self publishing or their suite of tools for devs to create games using the Nintendo Web Framework and Unity engine? ¬†We don\’t know for sure but nevertheless it is great to see a historic figure once again creating games for the system we all love.

In the¬†meantime¬†why¬†don\’t¬†you check out a small fan project he has been working on.


Yes, Chris and others are putting together a \”DVD Extras\” style commentary for Conkers Bad Fur Day, this will be for a good cause so I encourage you to follow the series. You may learn a lot of things about BFD that you didn\’t know.

Mark Loughlin