Golf Club: Wasteland turns desolate Earth into a golf club for the rich

Golf Club: Wasteland release date August 2021 Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Xbox One PC Demagog Studio Untold Tales desolate Earth rich wealthy

Publisher Untold Tales and developer Demagog Studio have announced Golf Club: Wasteland for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, releasing in August. The premise is that Earth has become a desolate wasteland, but that’s not a problem for all the rich people who fled to Mars. Now, the wealthy use Earth as their golf course, and each hole of golf you play will come with a small story attached. The story of how humanity fell apart will come together through three perspectives: a lone golfer, the “Radio Nostalgia From Mars” broadcast, and a “secret spectator.”

Notably, Golf Club: Wasteland is a sidescroller, and finding how to hit a perfect shot on a hole will be a puzzle unto itself. There are three game modes in total, including self-explanatory Story Mode, Challenge Mode for requiring you to use your skills and knowledge to finish each hole under par, and Iron Mode where “there’s almost zero room for error.” In essence, the game sounds like a physics puzzler that happens to use golf as its core mechanic.

On Steam at the least, Golf Club: Wasteland will come with a digital soundtrack and graphic novel art book that expands upon the story. Tell us what you think of this unique title, and stay tuned for a final release date from Demagog Studio and Untold Tales.

John Friscia
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