GoldenEye 007 can be beaten while firing only one bullet

GoldenEye 007 beat with one bullet

We talked about GoldenEye 007 earlier just this month to discuss how it had a palpable influence on Half-Life. GoldenEye on Nintendo 64 is a game we’ll still be talking about in bits and pieces another decade from now too, because there’s always something else worth learning about the classics. This time around, a video game speedrunner has discovered through some patience and experimentation that the game can be beaten while only having to fire a gun once.

What is the insurmountable foe that demands a bullet to pacify? It’s that freaking lock on the gate in the first level, “Dam.” In later levels of the game, you can coax enemies into pulling out grenades; if you punch them out before they throw the grenades, you can pick up them up and use them to destroy later barriers. However, soldiers in the first level don’t have grenades, forcing the player to fire that critical bullet on the lock to continue through the level.

The rest of GoldeneEye 007 can basically be conquered through some slick karate chops and running past clueless enemies.

Normally, we would embed video of the feat in question here and highlight the person who achieved it, but there is reason to believe this person is an unsavory individual in real life. So if you’d still like to check out the person’s video, all you have to do is click “Source” below.


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