God of War senior game designer apparently joins Metroid Prime 4

2018 Sony Santa Monica God of War senior game designer Jon Marcella joins Retro Studios Metroid Prime 4 environment designer

As we have continued to document, Retro Studios is devising quite the dream team of staff from a variety of AAA game development backgrounds for Metroid Prime 4. And it seems that — back in July, actually — it may have added one more such team member. As first spotted at Resetera, God of War Senior Game Designer Jon Marcella apparently left Sony’s Santa Monica Studio this past July to work as an environment designer on Metroid Prime 4, according to his LinkedIn.

Curiously, Marcella lists “Nintendo” as his employer as opposed to Retro Studios; the significance there is uncertain. He certainly has the credentials to be working on Metroid though, as he was with Santa Monica Studio for around a decade in total. In addition to working on God of War: Ascension on PlayStation 3, he was a level designer on the critically acclaimed God of War 2018 on PlayStation 4.

The most recent Retro Studios hiring news came earlier this month, when it came to light that the director of Warhawk from PlayStation 3 had become director of development at Retro, presumably to work on Metroid Prime 4. These are all positive developments, but the slow rate of hires suggests the release of this extremely anticipated Nintendo Switch game is still years away.


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