God of War art director depicts a pure evil realistic Wolf O’Donnell

Star Wolf Star Fox Raf Grassetti God of War art director realistic Wolf O'Donnell

It took a little longer to arrive than the others, but Raf Grassetti, God of War art director at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, has concluded his collection of realistic Star Fox characters with Team Star Fox’s worst nemesis, Star Wolf’s Wolf O’Donnell. Unlike calm Fox McCloud, cutesy Slippy Toad, edgy Falco Lombardi, and noble Peppy Hare, realistic Wolf O’Donnell is unabashedly scary and evil. He looks basically like a Star Wars bounty hunter that should be standing between Dengar and IG-88, with his eye patch and his hateful red eye. Check him out!

Raf Grassetti has been a real gift to the world of video game fan art, with his dozens of realistic Super Smash Bros. characters. He also randomly pumped out a ton of utterly spectacular Dragon Ball fan art. Realistic Wolf O’Donnell is a pretty great capstone to what he has been creating recently, though now I’m wondering what the rest of the Star Wolf team would look like in the hands of Grassetti.

What other classic video game (or not video game) characters would you like to see rendered in this distinct and unique style? Tell us what you’re craving! Personally, I could go for some more Metroid depictions.


John Friscia
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