God of War art director brings Slippy Toad into mildly horrifying reality

realistic Slippy Toad Star Fox Raf Grassetti God of War art director fan art

Just yesterday, God of War art director Raf Grassetti of Sony’s Santa Monica Studio unleashed a hyper-realistic new rendition of Fox McCloud from Star Fox. Now, he is following that up with a hyper-realistic new depiction of Slippy Toad, another member of Team Star Fox. More specifically, Slippy Toad is the useless one on the team, the one with the whiniest voice, the one who exists just to be protected by you. I’m saying he sucks, to be clear. And in the hands of Raf Grassetti, he still sucks, but mostly because I can’t decide if he’s now kind of cute or extraordinarily terrifying.

All the same, seeing Slippy side by side with Fox makes for an imposing site and gets me pretty hyped to see the complete team. The details on these characters are so immaculate that I could actually imagine a next-gen console version of the characters looking like this. I mean, why not? The characters’ personalities are still clearly present in these depictions, and they don’t look impractically “gritty” or “edgy” or anything like that. They’re just Fox McCloud and Slippy Toad, two members of Team Star Fox.

Let us know what you think of this unique rendition of Slippy!


John Friscia
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