Glaceon Build-A-Bear Pokémon plush is available now to buy

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A Glaceon Build-A-Bear Pokémon plush is now available for sale in stores and online, and there is an exclusive online bundle containing a cape and a sleeper that clocks in at $65.00 at the North American store or £50.00 in the UK. The “Glaceon with 5-in-1 Sound” Build-A-Bear is 12 inches and is $40.00 on its own, with the cape and sleeper being $12.50 each in the bundle. In delightfully cheesy PR speak, the manufacturer states, “Pokémon Trainers will look cool as ice alongside Glaceon. This Ice-type Pokémon is a blast of fresh air with its frosty blue fur, long tail and diamond-shaped ears.”

There is a limit of two purchases of the plush per guest, and I definitely wouldn’t count on this arriving before Christmas. Nonetheless, it could make a child or adult quite happy. As you surely already know, Glaceon is an evolution of Eevee, and if Glaceon isn’t enough for you, an Espeon bundle and Jolteon bundle are both currently on sale at Build-A-Bear; Umbreon is currently out of stock, it seems.

On the video game front, Pokémon Unite just received a substantial balance patch, and fans are practically counting the days till the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which launches January 28, 2022 and seems to be shaping up as “what if Pokémon, but also kind of Monster Hunter“?

John Friscia
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