Contest: Find a new home for Super Rare Games’ Shelter Generations

Shelter Generations

Super Rare Games wasn’t kidding when they named their company — as it turns out, if you don’t produce a ton of copies of a game, it does become quite rare! That’s exactly what happened with their release of Shelter Generations for the Switch, which has gone from “rare” to “damn I can’t even buy it anymore.”

So, how’s about you just win one, instead?

Shelter Generations

From the publisher:

In Shelter Generations you embark upon unique journeys in the wild that present varied challenges and familial love – it’s a memorable experience wherever you play.

There are two games included on this special Physical collection (on one cartridge) –Shelter 2(with the Mountains DLC included) follows the life of a mother Lynx; it’s a journey of parenthood in which nurturing your cubs is paramount for survival. You need to hunt for food and utilise maternal instincts such as calling the cubs closer, making sure they drink water from rivers and lifting and carrying them from harm’s way. You need to raise them safely until they reach adulthood, with a different experience and circumstances each time you play.

How to win

We’ve got one copy to give away (again, SUPER RARE), so get it while the gettin’s hot! Comment below with your most superest and rarest possession for your chance to win. Mine is a fedora I got signed by all five members of Good Charlotte. By owning it my net worth has actually decreased, but at least it’s a conversation starter.

Since this is a physical item, you must have a US address in order to win. Winner will need to provide a screenshot of their Disqus notifications to confirm their identity.

Shelter Generations was available from Super Rare Games, but isn’t anymore. You can check out SRG’s other available and upcoming titles on their website.

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