Giles Godfrey Interested In Developing ‘F-Zero’ Game, Shoots Down ‘Star Fox’ Suggestion

Giles Godfrey is a name that’s been around the gaming scene for awhile. He worked on Super Mario 64 and 1080 Snowboarding while at Nintendo. Since then, Godfrey has started his own company, Vitei Games. In an interview with Source Gaming, the developer showed interest in making an F-Zero game.

Are there any series from Nintendo that you would like to work on? How about a Star Fox?

No. F-Zero would be an interesting one. I don’t think they would ever….because the expectations for these old-school games are so high now. The last F-Zero game was…F-Zero GX…and that was really expensive. It has to be bigger and better than F-Zero GX, and that would be a huge risk for them. Having said that…I really like the original F-Zero. I never got into GX as it felt more and more like Wipeout. The faster and more wide angle it got, the more Wipeout it felt. To me, F-Zero is all about those tight courses with the tight bends, and the skidding around and drifting. I’d love to go back and visit that kind of control scheme but make it a smaller experience. I don’t think they would as their current philosophy is just bigger and better.”

Would you be interested in seeing a Vitei Games-developed F-Zero? Sound off in the comments below.


Aric Sweeny
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