Giana Sisters May be on Wii U Soon

A Black Forest Games spokesperson has told Joystiq that the platformer with a retro feel has been;

\”submitted to Nintendo and the studio is currently awaiting feedback; if all goes well it’s eShop city in August.\”

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is a follow up to The Great Giana Sisters a Mario-like platformer from 1987, the game already has come to Xbox LIVE and PSN, it also has been gaining a lot of support on Steams Greenlight platform, releasing on Wii U will undoubtedly complete Black Forest Games run of putting this sequel on all platforms.

The studio is now heavily invested in its new title, Ravensdale, which has a Kickstarter ready for you to help them produce their next hit game!  Below you can see a progress widget.

Mark Loughlin