Ghostrunner Winter Pack DLC & Hardcore Mode hit Switch next month

Ghostrunner Winter Pack Hardcore Mode DLC update

Ghostrunner brought its stylish first-person combat to Nintendo Switch last month, a few short weeks after the main PC and console launch. The Switch port delivered a respectable version of the game, as we compared it with PlayStation 4 version at release. Now, publisher All In! Games is back to tell us about some new DLC with the Winter Pack and a coming Hardcore Mode.

The Winter Pack for Ghostrunner is a cosmetic DLC containing the Cold Snap Katana for some cool-as-hell sword customization, along with a matching red Cold Blood Glove. The Winter Pack will cost just $1.99, if you think the additional flair is worth it.

A more meaningful update is coming to Ghostrunner in the form of a new Hardcore Mode, which involves a new climbing challenge for players to complete. You’ll have to reach the heights of the Dharma Tower, which will probably be no small feat given the mode’s name.

Late last month, the developer implemented update 1.2 for Switch and PC. This patch improved the game’s lighting and ironed out some other visual and gameplay glitches. An epilepsy warning was also added, to warn players about the game’s use of flashing lights.

The Winter Pack for Ghostrunner, along with the Hardcore Mode, drops on Nintendo Switch on Jan. 14, 2021. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One receive it Dec. 17.

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