Get smashed bloody drunk on this official Doom Bone Vodka

Doom Bone Vodka

Bethesda has announced a new Doom product that is both intriguing and a tiny bit scary. The phrase “bone vodka” is pretty intense by itself, but something about the phrase “Doom Bone Vodka” tips the scales into the full-on absurd. The Doom Bone Vodka is available for preorder and will ship to the US, Europe, and Australia. And the URL for the website is indeed

The vodka is made from roasted and smoked bone marrow, combined with organic wheat-based vodka. Rebel Distillers, who is responsible for the actual vodka, is teaming up with The Ginger Pig, “one of the best butchers in the country where animal welfare is unparalleled.” Sourcing the bones from what would typically be food waste turns a heavy metal imbibing into something fairly wholesome. Needless to say, Doom Bone Vodka is not vegan.

As for the flavor, according to this Twitter post, the vodka will have a “smokey and peppery taste.” Since its being made from beef bone, part of me is wondering if this might be good for cooking if it weren’t over $50 a bottle.

As of right now, there is no concrete release date for the Doom Bone Vodka, aside from some time before the launch of Doom Eternal. This is a limited-edition drink, meaning if you really need to get your hands on it, your best bet is to preorder it now.

Does the Doom Bone Vodka excite or frighten you? Do you plan on sipping this while playing Doom 64? Let us know in the comments.

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