Rock hard guide: Geodude to become tourism ambassador in Japan


Pokemon is a fact of life at this point in the history of humanity. Between movies, apparel, and video games, the Pocket Monsters will not die. Pretty soon, Pokemon will invade our day to day commutes. With that in mind, news has just hit that Japan’s Iwate Prefecture is teaming up with The Pokémon Company to have Geodude be its new tourism ambassador.

Geodude is quite down to earth

Why choose Geodude to be the face of Iwate Prefecture? Simple: Iwate’s kanji means “Rock” and “Hand.” Is there another Pokemon that has rock hands? Actually, quite a few, but Geodude is the most recognizable because it’s from the Gen I Pokemon titles.

Uh, this is vaguely threatening

As you can see above, Geodude has grey and white pants. Usually, the Rock Pokemon is floating around, which would make its job as a tourism ambassador outrageously difficult. The pants help the mascot move around while also making it transparent in programs like Photoshop due to the checkered design.

If the image of a walking animal of death isn’t enough to terrify you, there’s also an official theme song for this monstrosity:

I think I just had a fever dream.

Enthusiasts, will any of you be visiting Iwate Prefecture to take advantage of Ambassador Geodude’s services? Let us know in the comment field below.


Arthur Damian
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