Consolation prize: Super Mario RPG designer shares Geno concept art

Geno concept art

Just a few days ago, Super Mario RPG fans let out a collective groan as the awesome doll, Geno, was once again relegated to Mii Fighter costume. This drastically decreases his chances of joining the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster in an official capacity, if not outright denying it completely. Not everyone was feeling down about the news, however. In a positive twist, Super Mario RPG‘s character designer, Kazuyuki Kurashima, celebrated the costume by tweeting out pictures of Geno concept art.

This Geno concept art shows what could have been

Take a look at some of the initial Geno imagery below:

Wow, Geno used to have a sword! You can see glimpses of the stoicism and seriousness that ended up being used for the finalized character. I’m glad Square and Nintendo chose the “doll who shoots bullets from his arm” idea. It makes Geno more unique than just another RPG “sword guy.”

Enthusiasts, do you wish gamers winded up with any of the Geno concept art? Or are you satisfied with the doll we all know and love? Are you hoping Nintendo adds Super Mario RPG to the SNES app on Switch to make up for the Smash costume? Let us know below.

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