Geno and Doom Slayer, unsurprisingly, may not be Smashbound after all

Geno Doom Slayer hat leak Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

It’s been quite the week for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans. On Nov. 3, a video from 4chan found its way to YouTube. The blurry, soundless clip showed Mii Fighters in unreleased Mallow and Cacodemon hats from Super Mario RPG and Doom respectively. This seemed to point at Geno and the Slayer from Doom as upcoming DLC characters. Now, however, known leaker WabiSabi is telling us that Fighters Pass DLC character #5 isn’t related to this supposed leak.

WabiSabi has built a good track record for reliable leaks, so this is likely to be true, though of course everything must be treated as speculation and rumors. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that hats can of course be modded into the game, as @Miguel92398 displays with his own Mallow hat in the new King of Fighters Arena:

This clip also doesn’t prove the hat leak is fake, but the available information is starting to suggest it’s bogus.

It seems like the hat leak is going the way of the Grinch leak. I could take or leave the Doom Slayer, but Geno is one of the requested characters I’d truly love to see in Smash Bros. Time will tell if we’ll get these characters in the future, but it’s looking like neither will be the next fighter. Hopefully they’ll reveal the upcoming DLC soon, perhaps at the Game Awards, where Joker was announced.

Were you looking forward to playing as Geno in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Big fan of the Doom Slayer? Let us know!

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Dominick Ashtear