Gender has no impact in Animal Crossing: New Horizons character creator

Animal Crossing: New Horizons character creator gender Nintendo Switch

Feb. 28 update: Despite what the official Twitter account displays for the Animal Crossing: New Horizons character creator, it seems that gender does exist in the game, as displayed on Twitter by way of GreatFairyCari on YouTube. What, if any, effect it actually has on gameplay is uncertain, but it does not seem to interfere with character customization in any way.

The original article follows:

An in-depth look at the Animal Crossing: New Horizons character creator screen has shown no gender choice option. A video has been posted by the game’s official Twitter account, going through every option players have when they first start the game. This is known as the check-in procedure, and it simply asks for a date of birth and a picture of the character’s face for identification.

Be who you want to be

As you can see, the Animal Crossing: New Horizons character creator is simple and easy to use. Players select a skin tone, hairstyle and color, eye type and color, a nose and mouth, and what color their cheeks are. That’s all there is to it, with no restrictions for any of these options depending on gender. Appearances can also be altered later if you decide to change your look. While it is still possible to create a character that looks more traditionally like a man or woman, gender has no impact on gameplay. As a result, all interactions with islanders should be free of gender pronouns when it comes to the player’s character.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons isn’t the first game to do away with gender selection. However, the game looks like it will do a great job of letting players be themselves, regardless of if that’s an accurate representation of how they look, feel, identify, or a combination of all three.


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