The Gem Collector may come to Wii U

The Gem Collector is a new 2D platforming game that is releasing on the PC on December 15th, and it now has been confirmed that this title may see a Wii U release. TreefallStudios is the brains behind the game, and in an exclusive comment made to Nintendo Enthusiast, Eli Brewer of TreefallStudios let us know the original plan for the game.

\”This game was developed with the Wii U in mind, before we became licensed Nintendo Developers. If the game is received well and sells well, there is a possibility that now that a Special Edition of this game will launch on the Wii U with exclusive gamepad features and all new levels!”

Now that TreefallStudios has become official Nintendo developers, it seems that we may be seeing this and more games from them in the future. Does this game look like something you would like to see on the system? Let us know in the comments.

Shawn Long
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