GB Operator is an adapter that lets you play Game Boy games on PC

GB operator play game boy games on pc

Game preservation is becoming an important conversation as the years go by, with backwards compatibility being treated as an afterthought by some companies. This is especially true when it comes to Nintendo Switch, as Nintendo has taken a different approach to releasing older titles with its underwhelming Nintendo Switch Online service. However, if you’re itching to play some Game Boy games, then the GB Operator adapter by Epilogue might be for you. The GB Operator allows you to play Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance game cartridges on your PC. It is being described as “like a cartridge slot for your computer.”

Not only will you be able to play Game Boy cartridges on PC, but there is also a program called GB Studio that allows you to develop (if you know how) your own games and write them onto blank cartridges. This will then enable you to play custom-made games on official Game Boy hardware. Additionally, the device will come with built-in counterfeit cartridge detection, notifying you if the game is being played on a bootleg cartridge. Plus, those who own the Game Boy Camera will be able to transfer their pictures directly to PC.

The GB Operator is currently available to preorder from the Epilogue website with an August shipping date and will retail for $49.99. Will you be preordering one of these to play Game Boy cartridges on PC?


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