Meowy zowee: Metroidvania Gato Roboto claws its way to Switch May 30

Gato Roboto

Full disclosure: This post will be full of cat puns.

Devolver Digital has announced a release date for Gato Roboto, its upcoming Metroidvania title. The game is launching May 30, 2019, on Switch.  In a welcome bit of news, gamers who preorder Gato Roboto will save %15 off its $7.99 asking price. Purrfect!

Domo arigato, Gato Roboto

Are you interested in seeing Gato Roboto in motion? Check out its release date trailer:

I’m really feline this game’s aesthetic. Reminds me of the wonderful indie, Downwell. In addition, that techno beat is pawsome.

Here is a list of features provided by the title’s press release:

  • Traverse the underground of a space outpost and discover what horrible actions went down before you arrived.
  • Obliterate enemies and boost through environments using your fancy mech suit.
  • Leave the comfort of your robot body and explore areas you can only access as a slim cat.
  • Encounter secret areas, powerful weaponry, and unique items that will help you advance to new levels, as well as backtrack through old ones.

Gato Roboto looks like a wonderful little indie. Devolver Digital has a knack for publishing intriguing, distinctive games, so I’m confident Gato will continue that trend. It looks like it is full of cattitude.

Enthusiasts of the Nintendo and cat kind, are mew anxiously awaiting the arrival of Gato Roboto? Let us know in the comment field following these very words.


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