Gardevoir joins the Pokémon Unite roster tomorrow

Gardevoir Pokémon Unite

Though only releasing last week, Pokémon Unite is already expanding its roster. Starting tomorrow, the Embrace Pokémon Gardevoir will be available to trainers around the world. Gardevoir is a ranged attacker, joining the likes of Alolan Ninetails and Cinderace, among others. It remains to be seen whether Gardevoir will join the free character rotation for this week, or if players will have to unlock the Unite License for it, as with most characters.

Gardevoir isn’t the only character coming to Pokémon Unite soon, however, as Blastoise was also confirmed as an upcoming fighter before the game’s official launch. It is unknown at this time when Blastoise will make its appearance, but I wouldn’t expect it to be too much longer. Further characters will also be joining the roster at a later date, but for now, their identities remain a mystery.

For the time being, I can’t wait to see how Gardevoir fits in with Pokémon Unite‘s existing roster. There are plenty of good (and arguably broken) Pokémon as is, so I’m excited to see what can be done with a skilled trainer behind the wheel. I’ve not personally played any ranged characters yet, so this might be the release I need to break that cycle. Best of luck to all those trying out Gardevoir tomorrow!

Steven Rollins
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