GameStop employees pay layaway bill for customer who lost his job

There’s an old saying, “The devil comes out around Christmas.” The holiday season isn’t always full of joy for everyone, and sometimes misfortune hits at the worst time. In the case of Fort Worth citizen Chris Salazar, that misfortune took the form of a job loss. And obviously a pink slip isn’t ever a welcome sight, but when you’ve already made financing plans for gifts, it can be even worse. Salazar had put a Switch for his nieces on layaway at his local GameStop, and when the employees there heard the news, they decided to help out as best as they could.

Not only did they pay off his layaway bill, but they got some extra controllers and a gift card for any Switch game. Salazar was beyond touched. Through tears of joy and gratitude, he said, “I’m humbled. It means that we are a family. Families come together on Christmas Day.” It’s a testament to found family and a feel-good story all around. It’s not an isolated incident either: GameStop paid off over a dozen layaway bills for residents of North Texas this year alone.

I know it’s a little corny and possibly the stuff of Hallmark movies, but there’s something about the holiday season that makes stories like this extra good to hear. It’s just a small kindness in the face of a larger problem, but it’s still an amazing act. I hope that Salazar gets back on his feet soon, and that the GameStop employees have a great holiday.


Dominick Ashtear