GameStop advertises “New Nintendo Switch” trade-in deals

new nintendo switch gamestop

Here we go again! The rumor mill has been churning for months on the subject of a “Switch Pro.” Recently, multiple reporters step forward to claim that the system would go into production in June and that a reveal was imminent. There was even buzz that it could happen before their E3 show, but that hasn’t been the case so far. Nintendo, of course, hasn’t said a word. But today GameStop shook things up with a mention of “New Nintendo Switch.” As of this morning, they’re advertising trade-in deals for money down on New Nintendo Switch.

New Nintendo Switch

So what’s the deal here? Is the capitalized N in “New” just a typo, or is it the real deal? It would certainly be in line with the “New Nintendo 3DS” naming convention of the last generation. But this trade-in deal seems to run from today, June 13, through June 19. Considering Nintendo’s silence, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s possible they intend to announce it later today and GameStop jumped the gun. Alternatively, they may have originally planned to announce it today, but changed their minds. And of course, it’s quite possible this was just a mistake.

If GameStop’s advertisement accurately represents current plans, the New Nintendo Switch is very close. If not, that was a very poor choice of a capital N, bad timing, or both. But, hey, you can save some money on a (lower case) new Nintendo Switch! I’ve reached out via email for clarification and will update if and when new information becomes available.

Update: I’m still waiting to hear back from my GameStop rep, and it seems Forbes is in the same boat. However, they’ve spoken with some local GameStop stores, and the consensus is that they aren’t aware of any new hardware. It seems that stores are getting in new shipments of standard Switch models and the ad is meant to promote those.

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