GameStop adds 12 Switch SKUs, Nintendo Direct incoming?

Nintendo Direct GameStop 12 Switch SKUs

Nintendo had a great lineup in 2019, but that’s all in the past now. It’s a new year, and players are eager to know what they have planned for 2020. Fans are often treated to a Nintendo Direct event early in the new year for exactly this purpose. Nintendo hasn’t announced anything yet, but there’s cause for optimism. GameStop just added 12 new mystery Switch SKUs to their system, which often indicates that news is just around the corner.

GameStop hints at Nintendo Direct?

YouTuber GamesCage first tweeted out a screenshot from GameStop’s system early this morning, and we were then able to verify it with our own sources. Fifteen new “Available SKU” entries were recently added, and 12 of them are labeled as Switch games. Perhaps some of them are multi-platform releases?

They all have a generic placeholder date of 12/31/19 (whoops, forgot about that pesky date change) and no other details are available. There’s a pretty good chance that Nintendo will reveal these new Switch SKUs later this month during a Nintendo Direct. I say bring it on!

What are the 12 mystery Switch SKUs?

The last official Nintendo Direct (not counting spin-off events like the Indie World showcase) was in September. We’re definitely due for some news! Nintendo could use it as an opportunity to talk about upcoming 2020 games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and No More Heroes 3. What are you hoping to see from those 12 mystery Switch SKUs? Let us know your hopes in the comments below!

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