GamesMaster’s NintendoLand Review – Individual Attractions

A few days ago GamesMaster reviewed NintendoLand, and gave it 86%, we now have each of the attractions broken down with individual scores….


Animal Crossing Sweet Day – 5/5

“Sweet Day may look like it’s saccharine simplicity – but there’s a raw tactical edge beneath the happy smiles.”

The Legend of Zelda Battle Quest – 3/5

“Battle Quest isn’t as patchwork as the art-style would suggest…”

Luigi’s Ghost Mansion – 5/5

“Ghost Mansion is superb, genuinely tense and frequently hilarious. The build-up in tension will have you squealing like a school girl.”

Takamaru’s Ninja Castle – 2/5

“It’s a surprisingly tricky game despite the simplicity: the sort of Nintendo launch game you use to impress visiting friends.”

Donkey Kong Crash Course – 3/5

“Crash Course doesn’t do all that much with the Wii U’s newfound capabilities, and the GamePad’s screen provides little more than a zoomed-in version of the action on your TV. But those minor niggles aside, it’s a tricky bout of skill that’ll see you carve your way through your five lives in no time at all. Hardly essential, but certainly fun.”

Pikmin Adventure – 3/5

“It’s Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum for the brain, but engaging nonetheless.”

Metroid Blast – 3/5

“This is the closest Nintendo Land comes to Deathmatch.”

Mario Chase – 5/5

“This is an indisputable Nintendo Land highlight, and the one you’ll keep coming back to again and again…”

Balloon Trip Breeze – 4/5

“As each level (and in-game day) ends, you attempt a podium landing – which is always a tense and exciting exercise in air traffic control. A total charmer.”

Octopus Dance – 2/5

“Has a weird dual screen system, as you switch screens mid game.”

Yoshi’s Fruit Cart – 2/5

“We love Yoshi’s babbling, but drawing lines on the GamePad screen to let him eat fruit on the top screen makes for a forgettable time. The twist: you can’t see fruit on the smaller device.”

Captain Falcon’s Twister Race – 2/5

“Use the GamePad to steer in Spy Hunter style, top-down racer, which flips to the big screen whenever you go through a tunnel. Switching screens isn’t that fun, though.”