Gamedec, a choice-driven cyberpunk RPG, hits Switch in 2021

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Anshar Studios’ Gamedec is officially coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021, as revealed during Gamescom 2020. It is an intensely player choice-driven cyberpunk role-playing game where you play as a detective who solves mysteries in virtual worlds, and it is based on a Polish book series by Marcin S. Przybylek. Replayability should be high since choices large and small will reportedly impact the narrative in unpredictable ways.

We previously covered Gamedec when it was on Kickstarter and had a Nintendo Switch stretch goal, which was ultimately not met, but fortunately that doesn’t matter anymore. Anshar Studios has decided it’s coming to Switch anyway. You can check out the announcement trailer below and get a feel for its world and isometric gameplay.

Our sister site The Escapist recently previewed a slice of Gamedec, praising the game’s genuinely tremendous amount of player choice and subsequent consequences. The only question raised — albeit a major one — was whether the game will be able to maintain that for an entire playthrough. The more narrative variables a game juggles, the more liable it is to completely fall apart.

If Anshar Studios can manage all that narrative complexity, it could have a big hit on its hands, akin to what ZA/UM achieved with Disco Elysium — another game that will find its way to Nintendo Switch eventually.

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