Nintendo applies for new GameCube trademarks

Gamecube trademarks

If the NES Classic and SNES Classic have taught Nintendo anything, it’s that retro sells. And in Japan, Nintendo has filed for three new GameCube trademarks. The best part about this is that these trademarks are specifically video game-centric. Could this be our first hint that Nintendo is planning to release a “GameCube Classic” after the inevitable “Nintendo 64 Classic”?

Nobody would be surprised if this were the case. There is certainly a demographic who would pay to have Luigi’s Mansion, Super Mario SunshinePikmin, and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker all on the same handy device. They better get the emulation on Super Smash Bros. Melee absolutely perfect though, or else its fan base is likely to riot in the streets (or, more likely, some subreddit that Nintendo doesn’t care about).

As we’ve previously reported, Nintendo recently applied for new Donkey Kong trademarks in Japan, but those were all merchandising-centric. This time around, the news is more exciting for Nintendo gamers.


John Friscia
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