Game & Wario Releasing June 23rd

\’Game and Wario\’ was announced at least year’s E3 conference and resembles the old Game and Watch style look of the old days before the Gameboy was introduced.  Today, at the Nintendo Direct presentation even more information was presented about the game.

Footage of one mini game known as \”Pirates\” was shown in which you have to dodge incoming suction cup arrows that are sent careening toward you by evil pirate Wario.  You can only see the ship in front of you on the television and with the GamePad in your hands you have to find and dodge the suction cup arrows that are flying in at all sides.  The game requires good rhythm and a lot of concentration.

In another cool example called \”Gamer\” you play as 8-volt holding the GamePad and the screen shows the usual classic speedy game play of the Wario Ware series.  What’s really fun is that is your playing the game in the dark of your room, and you have to hide when your mom comes in to make sure your asleep.  While your dodging your mom you also have to play the mini games which makes things even more tricky.

Game and Wario offers a ton of multi-player games, games you can play solo where you can have others around you help you, and special surprises you can win.

Game and Wario will land in stores on June 23, 2013 in North America.

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Written by T. Stovall

Omar T