Which game do you wish you could play again for the first time?

Which game do you wish you could play again for the first time?

If there’s one thing that both terrifies and excites me at once, it’s time travel. So much can go wrong, but imagine all the possibilities. You could finally talk to that girl you were too shy around. Or you could make a horse racing bet with absolute confidence. But most of all, we at Nintendo Enthusiast just want to experience a video game again for the first time. It’s all about priorities, people.

So in this hypothetical reality, which video game would I personally want as a fresh experience once more? I suppose it would be easy to say my all time favorite title, Chrono Trigger. That feeling of exploring the possibilities with time travel and how it can affect the world is intoxicating. It would also be incredibly meta for this particular post.

I’m also tempted to go with Street Fighter II. The downside would be that I wouldn’t know any of the moves or my cheesy Vega tactics right off the bat. It would be interesting, however, to tackle the fighting game that popularized the genre after experiencing so many others after its release. I don’t think it would benefit me necessarily, but the thought is intriguing nevertheless.

Ultimately, my choice has to be Phantasy Star Online for the Sega Dreamcast. This was the very first game I remember playing online with other people. There were online games of this nature before it, but not for console players. The importance of this title tends to go understated these days despite its being an MMO gateway for many. I still remember spending that summer of 2001 connecting my Dreamcast to the wall phone jack at my parents’ annoyance.

Which video game would you most want to experience again with fresh eyes? Let us know in the comments!

David Giltinan
David has been involved in games media since 2012 running his own blog, YouTube channel, being a founding member of RETRO Magazine, and now as host/producer of ARGcast - Another Retro Gaming Podcast. He also dabbles in voiceover and is occasionally a stunt double for Jude Law.