Game Freak’s New Game ‘soriti Horse\’ Bets on Horses and Deals Cards


Pokemon Development team, Game Freak, has hit the Kentucky derby (well, in an analogical sort of way) and is dealing out cards for a game of Solitaire.  Actually, their new game called \’Soriti Horse\’ for the 3DS, combines the racing element with the card game of Solitaire and splices it into two parts–Solitaire and Control.

The Solitaire portion is pure classic card playing fun but with the bonus of giving you–the \”jockey\”,  the time to bond with your horse and make its speed increase while the Control portion is the real racing action game where you use the stylus on the bottom screen to giddy up your horse on the top screen.  Soriti Horse gives you the option to switch back and forth between modes before you choose to use items or power-ups such as a whip to zip past the finish line.

You can also raise your own horse and share it with fellow jockeys through QR codes.

Unfortunately, there isn\’t word yet on when or if Soriti Horse will hit North American shores but it will release in Japan for the 3DS on July 31 for 500 Yen.  We will keep you posted on whether or not Soriti Horse will release in North America and the retail price.

So, what do you think of Game Freak’s new venture? Have they really gone overboard or is it a nice refreshing step away from their usual Pokemon mold?

Tom Stovall