Game Builder Garage overview trailer dives into building, sharing games

Game Builder Garage release date June 11, 2021 Nintendo Switch make create your own video games, share online like Super Mario Maker 2 $29.99 price Nocon

Ahead of its June 11 release date, Game Builder Garage has received an overview trailer from Nintendo that gives viewers a quick look at the title’s many game-building and sharing capabilities. Check out the video below to get a good look at how the game looks in action- and catch a few glimpses at what you can create. The trailer emphasizes the sheer potential of the tools in Game Builder Garage. It additionally highlights local and online sharing for games and shows off several lessons that come directly from Nintendo. The included tutorials are aimed at helping younger players get a handle on building their own games.

Game Builder Garage was only just unveiled earlier this month, and until now, we hadn’t heard much about the intriguing new title other than the very basics. With this overview trailer, we’ve now got a better idea of how the game functions and streamlines the very daunting task of making a game. Based on the trailer, it appears that Game Builder Garage will be pretty accessible to anyone and everyone who wants to make a game, which is awesome. I’m very excited to see the sorts of games that people think up and share with the world.

Nick Pearson
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