Even seldom-discussed Game Builder Garage has passed 1 million sales

Game Builder Garage sales total pass 1 million 1.01 million Nintendo Switch game development programming software $29.99

Nintendo Switch has had one central theme since the instant it launched: massive, unbridled success. We learned today that Switch has already surpassed Wii and even PlayStation 1 in lifetime sales, which is incredible in itself, and that success is translating to even the console’s more niche software releases. Notably, Nintendo sales data released today reveals that game creation software Game Builder Garage has surpassed 1 million units sold, clocking in more specifically at 1.01 million units since launch in June 2021.

To date, discussion of Game Builder Garage has been largely muted. Sure, during its first month or two of release, many YouTube channels were highlighting some of the strangest and most magnificent games built with it — but you don’t see many headlines about the software these days. That’s why it’s so encouraging to hear that Game Builder Garage is in fact doing well for sales. Granted, the fact that it’s only $29.99 as opposed to being a full-priced Switch game certainly helps, but regardless, 1 million units is a tremendous amount for game creation software. I don’t think Sony has ever even discussed total sales of Dreams, after all.

There is no doubt that Game Builder Garage is helping to realize the developers’ dreams of fostering passion for game development in children. This is arguably the most accessible way to teach major game design and programming principles to kids. That being said, I was still a bit lost much of the time while reviewing Game Builder Garage, and it takes a lot of effort to really create something good with it. The title is ultimately best-suited for learning programming and creating mini-games; you’re not going to create the next The Legend of Zelda in it.


John Friscia
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