Game-breaking glitch discovered in Fortnite for Switch

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Recently, Digital Foundry discovered a glitch that impacts Fortnite players on Nintendo Switch. The glitch is related to the translation of bullet damage between consoles with different frame rates. Apparently, consoles running the game at 60 fps have the upper hand over platforms, like the Nintendo Switch, who are running the game at 30 fps. Put simply, gunfire does more damage per second for the 60 fps platforms than it does for the 30 fps platforms. This is because the rate of fire is decreased slightly on the 30 fps versions. Check out Digital Foundry‘s tweet on the matter.

So, if you’ve been playing Fortnite on your Switch recently, you may (or may not) have noticed a decline in your performance. This could very well be the reason why. Thankfully, Epic Games has commented that they will be fixing this issue in a future update.

Working out the kinks of cross-play

Cross-play has been the hot topic of the past couple of years as Sony had seemingly held up the show when it comes to its policy towards the idea. Recently, however, Sony has made the news by relenting on its hardened stance against cross-play allowing the option to be made available on games like Fortnite and Rocket League. Playing competitive games across all platforms with comparatively different functional capabilities, hardware, and software was always likely to present its share of issues when it comes to balanced gameplay. Now that Sony has opened the floodgates, more games will inevitably join the cross-play bandwagon, and developers like Epic Games will have to keep a close eye on the cross-play functionality for fairness.

Have you experienced any difficulties playing Fortnite on Nintendo Switch? Is this a deal breaker for you until a fix is released or will you soldier on with your Switch? Be sure to share your experiences or thoughts on the matter in the comments section below!

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