Game Boy: The Box Art Collection book preorders begin next week

Bitmap Books Game Boy: The Box Art Collection book preorders begin next week

Bitmap Books‘ upcoming Game Boy: The Box Art Collection will launch this November, and preorders begin Sept. 28. With less than a week to go until preorders open for the book, it’s almost tempting to start rifling through your own Game Boy game collection so you can enjoy the art early. Don’t though, as this book looks fantastic. It even has its own trailer.

The book was revealed a while ago now. It looks at a handpicked selection of Game Boy games, including both western and eastern releases, and if the trailer is any indication, the book layout is clean and straightforward. In addition to covering its selected games’ box art, Game Boy: The Box Art Collection also looks at a few screenshots from each game. Coupled with the written overview, this is a great window into Nintendo’s past.

There are a couple different editions that you can preorder in addition to the standard £29.99 release. The first is the Silver Version for £49.99, which is limited to 1500 copies and packs in a metallic collector’s box and A2 poster. The Gold Edition then is £64.99, limited to 500 copies and containing a metallic collector’s box with holographic edition sticker, an A2 poster, and a signed postcard.

You can preorder your copy of the book from the Bitmap Books website come Sept. 28.


Jamie Sharp
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