This Game Boy-sized portable Wii is blowing my mind

portable wii

Nintendo ditched the Virtual Console with the Switch, effectively destroying our hopes of easily turning the hybrid into an on-the-go Nintendo 64, a Gamecube that’s easier to carry than a lunchbox, or, dare I even suggest, a portable Wii. Some particularly powerful minds have taken matters into their own hands to create pocket-sized Nintendo consoles – that’s where GingerOfMods and this mindblowing portable Wii come into play. He’s pulled out all of the stops to make this beast as functional as possible – modifying motherboards to fit into a custom Game Boy shell, hacking firmware so that motion controls aren’t necessary, and a whole bunch more. Watch the video below to see how this portable Wii was brought to life, and then do what I did: curse the heavens that you’re not talented enough to do ridiculous stuff like this.

Incredibly impressive stuff, right? If you’re really interested in commissioning one of these bad boys for yourself, you can message GingerOfMods through the contact details listed in the description for the video above. He’ll be making a few for sale in the coming months, once he finishes a few more tweaks with the current design. Be warned, though – a portable Wii is expensive and time-consuming to build, so prices are quite high. Depending on what you want, a WiiBoy Color could run over $1000. Stuff as awesome as this doesn’t come cheap.

Nick Pearson
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