Game Boy-inspired platformer Squidlit hits the Switch on January 14


Plenty of modern video games draw inspiration from the NES or SNES eras of gaming. We’re even starting to see games emulate the sights and sounds of PlayStation 1 games in all their chunky-pixel glory. For as popular as it is for developers to emulate these eras, though, you rarely see games try to recreate the look and feel of Game Boy games. Thankfully, developer Squidlit Ink. is here to flesh that retro genre out a bit with their Game Boy-inspired platformer Squidlit.

It’s actually a little unfair to say that Squidlit is simply inspired by Game Boy games. The developers have crafted an experience that is as accurate to the limitations of the original hardware as possible. It’s a title that would feel right at home on the old-school Nintendo console.

The game runs at a tiny 160 x 144-pixel resolution, with everything rendered in just four different shades of classic Game Boy “grellow.” It even emulates the audio hardware of the original handheld, with just four sound channels that are shared between the music and sound effects. This makes for a deliciously chunky and tinny audio experience. All of the sounds and music for the game were even made on actual Game Boy hardware.

Squidlit will be available on the Nintendo Switch via the eShop for $1.99 on Jan. 14.


Miguel Moran
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