It’s official: Galarian Ponyta confirmed, will Rapidash its way to Pokémon Shield only

Did you catch the 24-hour Pokémon livestream? If so, you might have caught a glance at Galarian Ponyta. But gamers are always hungry for more, never satisfied with their thirst for knowledge. Luckily, a smattering of information hit this morning regarding the majestic horse, courtesy of The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel and Famitsu. Be ready to pony up the dough for Pokémon Shield, though, because this steed is exclusive to that version.

Galarian Ponyta may look cuddly, but it will mess you up

First, let’s take a quick look at Galarian Ponyta in motion:

Man, is this a Pokémon game or an episode of My Little Pony? Also, what’s with that ball? Is the creature playing fetch or casually rolling it to flatten adversaries?

In addition to the video, the publication Famitsu revealed some details on Galarian Ponyta. Here’s a scan from its upcoming issue:

Galarian Ponyta

Galarian Ponyta is a Psychic-type, its description is Unique Horn Pokémon, and it has two abilities called Run Away and Pastel Veil. Run Away sounds self-explanatory, but Pastel Veil appears to be used to prevent Poison and heal fellow Pokémon from that status effect when they switch. That will be extremely useful in battle, especially since I usually try to have a poisoned Pokémon tough it out during a fight. I’m a neglectful, impatient trainer, I know.

Enthusiasts, you now have a choice to make: Pokémon Shield for Galarian Ponyta or Pokémon Sword for Sirfetch’d? Let us know your preference in the comment section below.

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