Galarian Ponyta and the full events of the 24-hour Pokémon livestream

Galarian Ponyta

The 24-hour livestream of Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s Glimwood Tangle has finally concluded. The stream focused on a single camera angle and would very rarely feature a Pokémon walking into the frame for a few seconds. If you were only popping in every few minutes, you likely wouldn’t see anything other than the forest itself.

The big draw

Of course, all we really wanted to see was some new Pokémon, and we did. There was exactly one “new” Pokémon, although it was very slowly teased out over the first 17 hours. A rainbow tail in a bush, a blurry extreme close up, and the faint sounds of galloping were the only clues we had to go off of for a while. Meanwhile, Impidimp, a Pokémon only seen in off-camera footage of the E3 demo, made his first official appearance, serving to further obscure the view of the brand new Pokémon.

Practically everyone had already guessed what this Pokémon is, but around the 17-hour mark, we got our first clean look at what is all but confirmed to be Galarian Ponyta. Accompanied by Ponyta’s in-game cry, the first generation Pokémon now sports a horn – much like its classic, evolved form of Rapidash – and has a glowing, fairy-like tail. Finally, as the camera went black, we heard the cry of a Rapidash, hinting at its now-obvious inclusion as well.

That was it?

Galarian Ponyta existed on screen for only a few seconds at a time, sometimes with hours between its appearances. While the vast majority of the stream was empty air time, a handful of other Pokémon did make appearances. Naturally, Pikachu was the first on-screen, but we ended up adding a few more to the ever-growing Galar Pokédex. Morelull, Shiinotic, and Phantump were all confirmed for the new games. Swirlix was also seen, although it had already been shown in trailers for Sword and Shield.

The 24-hour livestream was not the most fascinating thing in the world, but at least we got one new Pokémon out of it. I think we can all agree that the Sirfetch’d reveal was a lot more interesting, or at least more concise. Sure, we’ll have to wait on an official trailer to fully confirm Galarian Ponyta and Rapidash. That will likely come out relatively soon, though. Honestly, I just hope there isn’t a repeat of this in the weeks leading up to the game’s release. Or, if there is, maybe they could squeeze in a few more reveals next time.


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