Galar’s Pokémon Centers all feature a Name Rater and Move Deleter

Pokemon Centers Sword Shield

Pokémon has put a lot of focus on quality of life features since the removal of HMs in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Pokémon Sword and Shield are continuing that trend with improvements to the save system, metagame, and – perhaps most importantly – the ability to skip the catching tutorial. But Game Freak is going even further now, this time by adding two features as a new standard for the Pokémon Centers. Every Pokémon Center will now have a built-in Name Rater and Move Deleter.

In prior entries to the series, these NPCs were unique, meaning you’d have to remember where each one was when you needed the service. The Name Rater lets you rename any Pokémon not acquired by trade. Being able to rename your Pokémon practically everywhere is a nice addition, although the Let’s Go games actually let you rename them from a menu screen. Move deletion is a bit more on the niche side. Move deletion is almost exclusively used to get rid of HMs, which have been confirmed non-existent.

For a few generations now, Pokémon Centers have been multifeatured hubs, integrating shops and other important services. Looking back to the first generation of games, It’s hard to see them as the same series. Little by little, Game Freak has gotten rid of so many little inconveniences, creating a much smoother Pokémon adventure. Now, with the ultimate Pokémon Centers just one month away, it’s going to be even harder to go back.


Cody Morris
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