Not a joke: G Fuel announces Sanic Chili Dogs energy drink

G Fuel Sanic Chili Dogs

Back in 2020, G Fuel introduced the Sonic’s Peach Rings energy drink. It was a great idea, combining a beverage with a flavor that brings Sonic’s Gold Rings to mind. How in the world could the company possibly top that? With a Sanic Chili Dogs flavor, of course! Yes, G Fuel is indeed creating a variant of its refreshment with a meme as its mascot.

G Fuel’s Sanic Chili Dogs is an April Fool’s Day joke made into reality

Check out the insane announcement of this concoction below:

Appetizing! The drink promises to taste like chili dogs with its 18 different fruit extracts.

Customers who are curious about what this tastes like can join the pre-order waitlist. For $39.99, fans can obtain the limited-edition Sanic Bundle. It comes with a 40-serving Sanic Chili Dogs tub, 16 oz Sanic shaker cup, and an additional 40-serving Sonic’s Peach Rings tub add-on. Buyers will have to go fast, though, as the waitlist will disappear at 3:00 PM ET on April 2. The bundle will start shipping this June.

Here is what Michael Cisneros, Manager of Licensing for SEGA of America, had to say about this collaboration with G Fuel:

After the runaway success of the G FUEL Sonic’s Peach rings flavor, SEGA and G FUEL sat in a room together (virtual, of course) to try and figure out how to one-up ourselves. After much deliberation, someone jokingly said, ‘what about a chilidog flavor?’, to which – we all kind of laughed, and then latched on to its simplistic brilliance. I mean, who doesn’t want to drink a chilidog? Right?

I never thought about it, Michael, but I’ll try anything once.

Enthusiasts, are you itching to get on the waitlist for the G Fuel Sanic Chili Dogs beverage? Let us know below!

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