Future Club is a new developer made of former Lab Zero employees

Future Club former Lab Zero Games employees employee-owned video game development studio 2D games Skullgirls Indivisible

Last month, various Lab Zero Games employees announced they were leaving the company due to the behavior of CEO Mike Z. Lab Zero is the developer of Skullgirls and Indivisible, and it disappointed many fans that such a situation had befallen the company. However, many of those employees who departed have now formed a new, employee-owned cooperative video game development studio called Future Club.

Francesca Esquenazi is CEO and producer, Mariel Kinuko Cartwright is creative director, Mathew Kumar is design lead, Jonathan Kim is senior animator, Jessica Allen is lead cleanup artist, Aevee Bee is writer/narrative designer, and Earl Gertwagen is a designer. There are currently 15 employees in total.

Future Club will be creating games with 2D art and animation, as seen in Skullgirls and Indivisible. “We love classic games and are mega influenced by them, but we picked the name Future Club because we want to think of the future too,” said Kim, and he hopes their games inspire children and adults the way their own favorite games inspired them.

Cartwright added, “We’re so grateful to our fans for supporting us over the years. We love making games and want to keep making them with each other. We’re excited to get the chance to develop our own IPs, and we can’t wait to get back to work designing games. Come hang out with us at the Future Club!”

In addition to the aforementioned games, developers at the studio have also worked on the likes of League of Legends, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: the Game, Sound Shapes, Heaven Will Be Mine, and We Know the Devil. Future Club is currently building new IP and looking for development partners.

John Friscia
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