Funny: UK Print Publication Reviews “Game Boy 3DS XL”

Nintendo tends to get a lot of flak when naming products, especially as of late. The Wii and Wii U naming has lead to many debates of whether or not the system sales suffered from confusion. The 3DS to New 3DS naming was also the topic of many debates, with many stating that it would lead to additional confusion in the marketplace, but sales of the New 3DS show that (so far) this hasn’t been an issue. However, one print publication in the UK obviously was a little more confused than the average consumer in their review of the New 3DS.

Obviously there was a bit of confusion, especially since the Game Boy moniker was last seen with the Game Boy Micro, but at least this proves that we are all human and make mistakes. Some are just funnier than others to Nintendo fans.

Shawn Long
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