FrozenByte – Miiverse, Patching & Fantastic Indie Support from Nintendo

FrozenByte are bringing the beautiful Trine 2: Director’s Cut to Wii U at launch. They have spoken about what it’s been like working with Nintendo so far…


On support from Nintendo and learning Wii U…

“Nintendo’s really supporting us, but I think for a developer sometimes you really want to search and learn for yourself also. During this time right now, when we\’re getting closer and closer to launch, it’s much more communication about the small details, how to do things.

I keep telling people about the first couple of days that we had the consoles, the dev kits, and when we got to really get into the game. I think we didn\’t start really until sometime early in the year still, but the fact was that we had a lot of things going on. Then when we got over the old things, we started with the Wii U and then in two days we had it running. We had it running really fast. So it was more about knowing your own tech and then having that \’eureka!\’ moment of making it work on this new hardware.”


On Miiverse support…

“I think we\’ll have some support in the beginning, but I think that it’s something that you can also add onto. When I was at Nintendo a couple of weeks ago I was asking more about it, because it’s opening up the possibilities of what you can do in terms of interaction with other players and so on. It’s definitely something we\’ll keep our eye on and see how that develops.”


On patching games…

\”Hopefully really easy. Most likely a lot better than what we\’ve been working on in the past. We don\’t know actual details, so it’s really hard to say anything. But every time I express my concern to Nintendo, they are all like \’oh, you shouldn\’t worry too much\’. The things I\’ve been hearing sound very good. And just the fact that they are reaching out to the indie community means that they are taking this into consideration. I really hope that it’s gonna be like, let’s say that we do two Steam updates a month regularly. Then maybe we can get those same updates that we do on Steam and maybe do something like once a month for the Wii U version.” 

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Trine 2 is a side-scrolling action/platform/puzzle video game developed by FrozenByte and funded by Warner Bros.  Unsurprisingly it is the sequel to Trine and has previously been released on Windows, Mac, PSN, XBLA and Linux. Trine 2 allows three players to play the roles of a wizard, a thief, and a knight in a simultaneous co-op mode. The Trine 2: Director’s Cut is to be released exclusively for Wii U. It features the original game with the Goblin Menace expansion, alongside the enhanced controls that take advantage of the GamePad, as well as additional things such as a new multi-player mode called \”Magic Mayhem\”, and all-new platforming levels and gameplay elements.