From Mobiclip to NERD – Iwata Asks

Nintendo is inviting everyone to take a look inside their new Nintendo European Research and Developments studio in their latest Iwata Asks.

If you remember back to Feb 12th 2012, Nintendo acquired Mobiclip in what was a surprising but very interesting purchase for the company. Mobiclip specialised in highly optimised software technologies including Mobile VOD software that included, but was not limited to, Video Codecs and DRM technology.

Now under the title of Nintendo European Research and Development, or NERD as it has affectionately become known, they now seem to be a full fledged technological centre for Nintendo.  Jérôme who is the Chief Science Officer at NERD stated;

We are working on a wide range of areas from low-level optimisation to very high-level web technology

This would lead to the understanding that they are both working on 3DS and Wii U technologies.  It could lead to some interesting developments as Jérôme explains his title he states;

Basically, I’m working with Alex to define the strategy for the research and development area inside the company. I’m not working all the time in Paris with all the team, I’m doing development on specific and secret projects for the company. That’s why we had to find a title that was rather strange, or shall I say, specific.

Let’s hope that NERD get some recognition for the work they do with it specifically coming public knowledge, with new experiences being made possible through NERD technology. Imagine a credits page with an image stating \”Powered by NERDs\”.

Mark Loughlin