PAX East 2020: Windjammers 2 gives gamers unexpectedly tense rounds of Frisbee

Windjammers 2

I’ve had my fair share of fun throwing a Frisbee in the park with friends. However, I never knew it could be used in an exhilarating sport. But the disc-throwing Windjammers 2 taught me how very wrong I was.

Let’s toss the Frisbee in an enclosed space with the fury of a thousand suns

Before you begin a match, players will be given a choice of 10 different athletes from around the world. Only six have been revealed thus far, so there is still a bit of mystery involved. Each participant has their own strengths and weaknesses, broken down by a bar that shows their Speed/Power. You’ll have to decide which suits your playstyle more before heading to court.

Windjammers 2 is quite a stylish sports game. Using hand-drawn animation, the title pops with its vibrant color scheme. The effects are also topnotch: power moves are stylish and make your opponent feel helpless against their incoming assault (though you can catch it if you’re good enough), while characters are focused on via camera when spiking the disc. It’s all used to make gamers feel anxious, to great effect.


It’s my first time with Windjammers 2, PLEASE go easy on me

Confession time: I have never played the original Windjammers or tried out its sequel. Therefore, the game was explained to me while playing it. If you took the time to watch the trailer above, you see how crazy this title can get. Needless to say, the representative on the show floor did not hold back, using his expertise to show me all Windjammers 2 has to offer while talking at the same time. It wasn’t pretty. I did win a game or two, at least! Granted, I scored a bunch while the dev was explaining stuff to me, but I take what I can get.

Volleying the Frisbee back and forth is the main crux of Windjammers 2. You can score by knocking the disc into your opponent’s goal, with the middle Red Goal earning your more points than the corner Yellow Goal. Spiking the object onto your adversary’s side also adds to your score.

Sounds easy, right? Well, no. Windjammers 2 is decidedly strategic. The player has all sorts of options in their repertoire. You can shoot the disc straight or diagonally, spike it, slap it into the air, dive for it, catch it, or perform a power move that makes the Frisbee move in inhuman ways. Playing a match is a constant guessing game: you have to react to your rival while also changing up your strategy enough to fake them out. It is not for the faint of heart.


Windjammers 2 is heading to Switch sometime this year. For any and all information on the title, visit its website. If you fancy having a competition among friends that will have your heart pounding out of your chest, this wild sports game is just the thing for you. Above all, it reminds me of the legendary Super Dodge Ball, which is the highest praise I can ever give a video game based on physical activities.

Arthur Damian
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