Frightful toy: Lego Luigi’s Mansion Expansion Sets get trailer

Lego Luigi's Mansion

Back in October of 2021, we received word of some Lego Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion sets. And now that 2022 has begun, the toys are on sale. To remind gamers of the merchandise, Nintendo has posted a trailer on its YouTube page. It’s short, sweet, and does a great job of conveying exactly how the sets work.

Getting all of these Lego Luigi’s Mansion sets costs a pretty penny

Here is the video:

Wow. We get a voiceover from a movie trailer soundalike guy, a family being amazed by Lego’s current technology, and a look at each set’s unique attributes.

Personally, I adore Luigi’s facial expressions and sounds. The toy really pulls off the “coward but brave” personality he has in the games. Also, it’s great he can pick up gems, hear Polterpup, and fight King Boo.

If you would like to own these sets, you can purchase them on the Lego website. The Entryway Expansion is $39.99 (AND DOES NOT INCLUDE LUIGI), the Lab and Poltergust Expansion is $29.99, and the Haunt-and-Seek Expansion is $79.99. Throw in that you need to buy a Luigi Starter Course for $59.99 in order to utilize these sets properly, and it costs about $210 for everything shown off in the clip. A hefty chunk of change!

Enthusiasts, will you be purchasing any of the Lego Luigi’s Mansion sets? Let us know below.


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