Free updates: Metroid Dread getting Dread, Rookie, and Boss Rush Modes

metroid dread free updates

After nearly two decades without a new 2D Metroid title, Metroid Dread launched last October to rave reviews and strong sales. It’s a fantastic game, and it’s about to get even better! During today’s Nintendo Direct, we learned that MercurySteam is going to release two free updates for Metroid Dread. There’s a little bit of everything, ranging from easy to ultra-challenging, and the first batch of new content hits today!

Metroid Dread free updates

Later today, Metroid Dread will receive its first free update. This update adds two new modes: Dread Mode and Rookie Mode. The former is for players who really want to test their abilities. In Dread Mode, everything is a one-hit KO. There’s no mercy! I’m hoping there will be some kind of new reward for beating this mode. Rookie Mode is essentially the exact opposite, providing a more beginner-friendly experience. In this mode, enemies will drop more health than normal when defeated. Additionally, bosses will deal less damage than normal.

Thes second free update for Metroid Dread will launch in August, adding a Boss Rush Mode. In this mode, you’ll battle bosses continually, one at a time. Dread has some pretty intense boss fights, so this is a simple and effective way to add more great content. These are all fantastic additions to the game, and I personally asked for two of them in a previous article. Thanks, Nintendo! Thanks, MercurySteam! I’m sure I’ll spend many frustrating hours beating Dread Mode very soon.

Ben Lamoreux
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