Free Old-Timers DLC now avaliable for Spintires: MudRunner

If you own Spintires: MudRunner, then fire it up right now to jump into the new Old-Timers DLC pack. This free new package comes as part of a content update that has been distributed to all versions of the game, including the Nintendo Switch. In fact, Switch users have the benefit of the base game already coming bundled with the American Wilds expansion, which is related to the new Old-Timers DLC, though it isn’t required in order to play the new content.

The new Old-Timers DLC contains two new trucks and one new map, all of which are based on America. The tew new trucks are the USA-made 1957 Chevrolet NAPCO 3100 and the GMC DW950 which is also from the 1950s.

The NAPCO is designed to be a scouting vehicle and can swiftly dart its way across maps, especially the American ones with a lot of asphalt. Though, when it needs to go off-road, it has the capability to do so as well.

As for the DW950, it’s not the best at off-roading (which of course is quite ironic) but can handle paths that don’t have incredibly thick mud to trudge through. This is crucial as it is meant for logging, but be careful to get stuck when carrying a load.

Finally, the new map is called Rocky Hills, which is also based on an American location. This map lacks a garage and is described as being “more challenging than a normal map”. It’s all about verticality, and its main feature is an off-road climbing puzzle. This is definitely a job best suited for the new NAPCO 3100.

The MudRunner train continues to role with the looming release of the sequel, MudRunner 2. The game has gotten a soft reveal so far with three screenshots and a collection of key new details. It’s set to release later this year.


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