Free Joy-Con drift repairs not available in all regions

Nintendo Joy-Con drift lawsuit

While we learned yesterday that Nintendo of America will begin offering free Joy-Con drift repairs, this policy has not yet extended to other regions, and there is no indication of whether or not it ever will. Currently, sources in France and the U.K. have both found that they will have to fork over some cash for Joy-Con drift repairs on out-of-warranty units.

In France, Numerama had an unsuccessful exchange with Nintendo’s customer service, which claimed that French Switch owners will still have to pay the standard €45 for a replacement.

Meanwhile, one Redditor in the United Kingdom also had no luck securing a free fix. The screenshot below shows their conversation with Nintendo’s customer support, which states that Nintendo UK’s process is still apparently to shaft customers and charge for repairs on a poorly designed product.

Joy-Con drift


While Europe does seem to have all the luck with getting sweet special editions for Nintendo games, they have not yet had the same fortune with Joy-Con repairs. However, after facing a class-action lawsuit and plenty of general uproar, Nintendo of America backed down and began offering free repairs. So, if you live in another region and are having controller problems, make enough noise and hopefully, Nintendo will do the right thing.

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