Free Guy, the movie about Ryan Reynolds as a sentient NPC, gets new trailer

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Free Guy has a really fun premise that’s been seen before in skits and even manga, but never on a big-budget Hollywood movie scale: Ryan Reynolds is a video game NPC who, through some wacky series of events, gains self-awareness that he is in an insane Grand Theft Auto-esque world where impossible things happen regularly. A new Free Guy trailer released today from Ryan Reynolds himself, hyping a Dec. 11 release date. It was originally supposed to release in summer, but like myriad movies, it was delayed due to COVID-19. In fact, like with myriad movies, there’s a decent chance this movie will be delayed again past December as well.

Nonetheless, the movie looks like a bunch of fun, and Reynolds’ effortless charm sells the entire experience as usual. However, this new Free Guy trailer suffers from the annoying Hollywood problem of revealing almost the entire plot, so maybe just don’t watch this trailer if you deeply care about spoilers of any kind.

The non-spoiler version is that Reynolds (“Guy” or “Blue Shirt Guy”) works through his evolving feelings of sentience, meets a human player in the game with whom he’s hoping to kindle a romance, and starts taking lots of dramatic, heroic actions in the game that get him noticed by other human players. It all causes a kerfuffle. There are also lots of explosions. Free Guy seems to be taking most of the expected plot beats, but that’s probably a good thing in this case.

Are you looking forward to Free Guy and more of Ryan Reynolds involved in video game antics?

John Friscia
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